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Newborn clothing checklist

What are the essential clothes I need to buy for my newborn baby? ...and why?

Clothes for newborn babies

  1. Baby vests

    8x Vests / bodysuits

    A baby essential. Newborn babies would wear vests in summer and winter. Available in short and long sleeve. View our favourite vests.

  2. Baby gro all-in-one suits

    8x Babygrows / sleepsuits / stretch-suits

    Popular night wear for newborns. Baby grows are great for sleeping in. Choose simple designs that make getting on and off as easy as possible. View our favourite sleepsuits.

  3. Baby socks

    2x Baby socks

    Some baby grows and sleep suits have built-in socks included. However, it is worth having at least a couple of pairs of simple white cotton socks to start with. Baby GAP socks are a must as they seem to stay on better than most others.

  4. Baby hats or bonnets

    2x Baby hats / bonnets

    Babies lose a tremendous amount of heat through their heads so if you are planning on taking your baby outside in cold weather a baby hat or bonnet is essential.

  5. Pink and blue pram suits

    Pram suit

    If you have a winter, autumn or spring baby then you're going to need to keep them warm when they go outside and all-in-one pram suits are great for this.

Newborn checklist

Baby checklist

Get ready for your new baby with this newborn baby checklist showing what you need to buy and why.

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