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Child Trust Funds

UPDATE: On 24th May 2010 the Coalition Government announced its plans to reduce and then stop all Government contributions to Child Trust Funds.

The UK Government is giving each newborn child in the UK a £250 voucher when their parents register for Child Benefit. This voucher must be used to open a Child Trust Fund (CTF) account on their child's behalf.

What's the point of a Child Trust Fund?

The idea is that the Child Trust Fund account will grow into a lump sum for the child to use when they reach 18 years old. There are approximately 800,000 births in the UK every year with the vast majority qualifying for a CTF.

Where should I use my £250 voucher?

One of the largest and most popular places to invest your £250 voucher is with The Children's Mutual. They have simple and straightforward Child Trust Fund accounts and over 25% of parents invest their voucher with them.

From 2006 to 2008 The Children's Mutual was named Best CTF Provider by independent financial magazine Moneyfacts Life & Pensions.

Children's Mutual Child Trust Funds

Why choose The Children's Mutual?

Currently 1 in 4 parents actively open a Child Trust Fund with The Children's Mutual.

Over 125 years experience of helping people provide for their families.

Voted Moneyfacts Best CTF Provider 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009

Apply online now

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