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Pregnancy on a budget

When you are pregnant you might want and need lots of new things but it is definitely not the time to be spending lots of extra money. Here are some tips for a fabulous but thrifty pregnancy.

  1. Becky Goddard-Hill

    By guest writer Becky Goddard-Hill

    Author of the book How to Afford Time off with your Baby.

1) Don't buy too many baby books

Don't spend a fortune on baby names books, week by week pregnancy books, everything you need to know about childbirth and how to get pregnant books. Undoubtedly when the time comes friends will have a stack of these to lend as will your local library who, for a small fee, can request them in if they don't have them. Have a browse on Amazon and see if you can buy the best baby books second hand through Amazon Marketplace rather than new. Books are no more useful if they are new than borrowed, loaned out from the library or second hand.

2) Don't buy too many baby clothes

It is not worth spending a fortune on baby clothes you will be bought lots as gifts and you wont have a clue what these will be. Hold on for the baby clothes you will be given and just get a small pack of three from a supermarket as a starter set. Plus the fact you may get a shock and have a 3lb baby or an 11lb baby - if you do, newborn sleep-suits will be entirely wrong but at least you will have only wasted a fiver!

3) Create a baby wish list

I think it is a good idea to write a really clear wish list so when you are asked what you would like you can point people in the right direction and get nightlights, sunshades, nappy bags and changing mats that you want and need (and which co-ordinate!) If you don't speak up it is virtually guaranteed almost everyone will buy you baby clothes.

4) Practice living on a reduced income

You could practice living on one wage now so the shock of reduced income is less when your baby comes and you will have some money set by. This doesn't mean you have to be miserable. Lots of lovely times can be had on a budget. You don't need a last minute trip to Paris pre-baby or a pregnancy spa, instead try:

5) Read baby budgeting books

Start to read How to Afford Time off with your Baby by Becky Goddard-Hill right now! Baby budgeting needs to start ASAP as there is a lot to sort out before your baby comes.

Have a wonderful pregnancy x

Becky Goddard-Hill

Check out www.babybudgeting.co.uk for more tips on baby budgeting and more information on the book How to Afford Time off with your Baby by Becky Goddard-Hill (Vermilion, 2009).

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