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Newborn baby shopping checklist

What are the essential items I need to buy for my new baby? ...and why?

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Clothes for newborn babies

  1. Baby vests

    8x Vests / bodysuits

    A baby essential. Newborn babies would wear vests in summer and winter. Available in short and long sleeve. View our favourite vests.

  2. Baby gro all-in-one suits

    8x Babygrows / sleepsuits / stretch-suits

    Popular night wear for newborns. Baby grows are great for sleeping in. Choose simple designs that make getting on and off as easy as possible. View our favourite sleepsuits.

  3. Baby socks

    2x Baby socks

    Some baby grows and sleep suits have built-in socks included. However, it is worth having at least a couple of pairs of simple white cotton socks to start with. Baby GAP socks are a must as they seem to stay on better than most others.

  4. Baby hats or bonnets

    2x Baby hats / bonnets

    Babies lose a tremendous amount of heat through their heads so if you are planning on taking your baby outside in cold weather a baby hat or bonnet is essential.

  5. Pink and blue pram suits

    Pram suit

    If you have a winter, autumn or spring baby then you're going to need to keep them warm when they go outside and all-in-one pram suits are great for this.

Essential baby changing and bathing items

  1. Newborn Baby nappies

    28x Nappies / diapers

    Newborn babies require lots of changes of nappies each day so stock up on a few boxes to get you through the first few days. However, don't go too overboard on nappies until you know what size your baby is, unless you have room to store them until needed.

  2. Baby wipes

    Baby wipes

    Extremely useful for cleaning and wiping baby's bum during and after nappy changes. Buy several packets of chemical-free baby wipes.

  3. Baby cotton balls

    Cotton balls

    Ideal for wiping your baby's eyes (do not use the same cotton wool ball for both eyes though as this could spread infections). Also good for cleaning the creases around your baby's bottom in the early days before using wet-wipes.

  4. Baby bath oil

    Baby bath oil

    Soothing and cleaning at bath time.

  5. Baby shampoo

    Baby shampoo

    Baby shampoo is kinder on newborn's skin than normal shampoo and won't irritate your baby's eyes.

  6. Baby bath sponges

    Baby sponge

    A very soft sponge, sometimes with edges to get in all the leg and chin creases.

  7. Baby bath thermometer

    Baby bath thermometer

    Babies skins are extremely sensitive to high temperatures so a simple floating thermometer in the bath is a great, simple and quick help - rather than keeping dipping your elbow in the water every few minutes.

  8. Baby bath

    Baby bath

    Babies get VERY slippery when being washed so the safest and easiest option is to bathe new babies in a plastic or fabric baby bath.

Baby feeding items

  1. Muslin

    Muslins (lots!)

    I never knew why mums raved about muslins until my baby girl was born. These simple cloths have endless purposes from swaddling and drying to using as a bib for mopping up milk.

  2. Breast pumps

    Breast pump

    Even if you plan to breastfeed, breast pumps are a useful purchase as, combined with bottle feeding, it also allows dad to help with feeding and be involved that way (and give you a break!). You can choose between manual and electric breast pumps. I would recommend paying more for an electric breastpump unless you want extremely muscular arms!

  3. Baby sterilizing equipment

    Sterilising equipment

    If you use bottles or teats to feed your baby you will need to buy a steriliser. I was told by many parents to buy a microwave steriliser as it's very convenient and can live in the microwave.

  4. Baby feeding bottles

    Feeding bottles

    You will probably need some baby feeding bottles even if you plan to breastfeed as you may not always have the opportunity to feed from the breast. It also gives your partner a chance to help with the feeding (especially at night!)

  5. Baby bib


    You could use a muslin cloth around your baby's neck, but a few bibs are always a useful option to catch dribbles during feeding and then the inevitable vomit afterwards.

  6. Baby nasal aspirater

    Nasal aspirator (nose sucker!)

    The simple and cheap baby nasal aspirator (nose sucker to me and you) is probably one of the most useful things to put on your new baby list. Babies can only breathe through their little noses at first so removing sick and mucus is an important thing to do. Amazon has the largest choice - including fancy electric ones.

Sleeping items for your new baby

  1. Cot

    Cot, crib or moses basket

    A cot, crib or moses basket is essential for your new baby and any of them will be okay for the first couple of months. However, some babies grow out of moses baskets very quickly so buying a cot bed for your new baby at the start is the cheapest option. Don't forget the mattresses as these are generally not included in the price.

  2. Baby bed sheets

    4x Fitted sheets

    White cotton sheets are best for new babies so you can wash them at high temperatures.

  3. Cellular blanket

    3x Cellular blankets

    Cellular cotton blankets are an essential purchase and most come with a guide to how many blanket layers to cover baby with at different room temperatures.

  4. Baby monitors

    Baby monitor

    Even if you are sleeping in the same room as your baby, you may find the baby monitors useful when you're moving around the house. Most also come with room thermometers included and you can also pay more for a video camera.

  5. Baby night lights

    Night lights

    Creates a soft light in the nursery or your bedroom to allow you to tend to your new baby without turning on the main light.

Travel systems for newborns

  1. Pram, Stroller, Buggy

    Pram / Stroller / Buggy

    If you plan to get out and about with your new baby then you are going to need either a pram, stroller or buggy. Newborns need to lie flat until they can support their head so look for an all-in-one which converts from a carry-cot to a push chair for toddlers.

  2. Baby car seat and travel system

    Car seat

    If you want to drive with your baby then you will need a car seat. The advice is to always buy your baby's car seat new as secondhand car seats may not be safe. Backwards facing car seats are meant to be safer. You can quite often find travel system deals from baby suppliers.

Day time and play items for your newborn baby

  1. Bouncy seat

    Baby bouncer / rocker chair

    Baby bouncers and rocker chairs are great for daytime baby development. The rocking motions help to develop baby's balance and activity and can offer good support for newborns' head and back.

  2. Baby floor gym mats

    Baby gym mat

    Baby gyms and activity play mats are excellent for stimulating young babies during their first few months. Most come with different textures, colours, activities and sometimes music and lights.

  3. Nursery rhyme books

    Nursery rhymes books

    Unless you have an amazing memory from your own childhood, you may want to get a few refresher books of nursery rhymes. Otherwise you'll be making up the most ridiculous songs - trust me!

  4. Newborn Baby toys

    Baby toys

    Creating stimulation for your newborn baby is very important, however, baby's attention spans are quite short so get a few baby activity toys that make some noises (like rattles, bells etc) as well as some toys to look at such as hanging mobiles, teddies or simple picture books.

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