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Green baby products

How eco-friendly is your newborn baby?

Take a look at this essential list of green baby products to help save the environment and help local communities without costing the earth:

  1. Reusable nappy

    Re-usable nappies

    Your new baby could go through as many as 12 nappies a day so take a moment to consider how many disposable nappies are sent to landfill sites each day. Buying re-usable, washable cloth nappies (with nappy liners) is a much more environmentally friendly solution and can be very cost-effective too.

  2. Green baby wipes

    Eco-friendly baby wipes

    Nature Babycare do a good range of 100% natural, biodegradable and perfume free baby wipes that are good for your baby and the environment too.

  3. Organic baby wash and shampoo

    Organic baby bath wash and shampoo

    There are now plenty of organic baby bathing products that do not have any chemicals in such as sodium lauryl sulphate and artificial fragrances. Natural, organic baby washes can also be more delicate on baby's skin.

  4. Environmentally friendly cots and cribs - bamboo

    Eco-friendly cots and cribs

    If you can, buy your wooden cot or crib from a sustainable wood source. Even better, check out these bamboo cots from Mothercare, or there is even an ultra-eco cardboard cot.

  5. Organic baby clothes

    Organic baby clothing

    Buying organic clothes for your baby can help reduce the amount of chemicals used in growing and producing the fabrics. Even better, try and find some hemp baby sleepsuits or baby-grows as hemp is much faster growing than cotton and requires much less water.

  6. Environmentally friendly baby toys

    Eco-friendly toys

    Buying environmentally and sustainable toys is a simple step that shouldn't cost too much extra money.

Good places to buy ethical, green and eco-friendly baby products

Ethical Superstore Amazon Mothercare People Tree - fairtrade baby fashion So Organic -  Organic baby clothing
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