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Nursery items

Setting up a nursery for your new baby is quite a task so here is a list of things you will need:

  1. Cot

    Cot, crib or moses basket

    A cot, crib or moses basket is essential for your new baby and any of them will be okay for the first couple of months. However, some babies grow out of moses baskets very quickly so buying a cot bed for your new baby at the start is the cheapest option. Don't forget the mattresses as these are generally not included in the price.

  2. Baby bed sheets

    4x Fitted sheets

    White cotton sheets are best for new babies so you can wash them at high temperatures.

  3. Cellular blanket

    3x Cellular blankets

    Cellular cotton blankets are an essential purchase and most come with a guide to how many blanket layers to cover baby with at different room temperatures.

  4. Baby monitors

    Baby monitor

    Even if you are sleeping in the same room as your baby, you may find the baby monitors useful when you're moving around the house. Most also come with room thermometers included and you can also pay more for a video camera.

  5. Baby night lights

    Night lights

    Creates a soft light in the nursery or your bedroom to allow you to tend to your new baby without turning on the main light.

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