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Best toys for newborn babies

Creating stimulation for your newborn baby is very important. However, baby attention spans are quite short so get a few baby activity toys that make some noises (like rattles, bells, crinkles etc) and are interesting to touch, as well as some toys for your baby to look at with stimulating colours and patterns, such as hanging mobiles, teddies or simple picture books.

John Lewis toys

John Lewis Baby soft toys

John Lewis Baby has a lovely range of soft toys to choose from for your new baby boy or girl.

Amazon baby toys


Amazon has a huge range of baby learning and activity toys to enhance your baby's development.

Babies R Us at Toys R Us

Babies R Us

Babies R Us (as expected!) has a massive choice of toys to stimulate your newborn baby.

Newborn checklist

Baby checklist

Get ready for your new baby with this newborn baby checklist showing what you need to buy and why.

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Best baby books

Best baby books

With so many baby books available, we'll show you the best baby books to buy.